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During June 25-27, 2013, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) together with Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have held the ASC tilapia standard training workshop for auditors. This is the first time that the training has been held in China and it will certainly provide basic for the Chinese tilapia industry to catch the international standard.

In the three days’ training course, total 10 auditor applicants have attended the lesson and accepted examination. They are all from well-known certification bodies, institutes and NGOs. At the same time, ASC has dispatched 4 trainers separately from Stirling University, Fish Vet Group, Shanghai Ocean University and EU commercial company concerning the special situation of China. In order to keep the efficiency and authenticity of the training, consultant Edith from ASI Hongkong the independent third certification party has been invited to supervise the whole course.

Based on the ASC tilapia standards, the training takes the form of presentation, Q&A and discussion. All efforts have been done to make sure every auditor has direct and deep understanding of the standards. After three days’ training, auditors should not only control the 7 principles of the standard, but also apply the assessment indicators and demonstrate documents among their auditing operation. Auditors who passed the examination will start the auditing work to Chinese tilapia producing companies immediately. For this is the first ASC training workshop in China, it shows the important role of Chinese tilapia on the global market. At once China has the auditor for itself, it provides convenience for Chinese tilapia farms and processing companies. As well it is a materiality link of ASC certification entering into China.

ASC certification is a series of standards focusing on aquatic products that has sprung up in Europe in recent years. It achieves lots of support from consumers and buyers for concerning more on the impact of aquaculture to the environment and society. This training workshop was held under the effort of CAPPMA and ASC to introduce high international standard to China. We really hope through it bringing vitality to Chinese tilapia industry. Just the result of examination has been got, we will publish the qualified auditors to our member companies. 

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